4 Matters From Episodes 13 & 14 Of “Tale Of The 9-Tailed” That Have Us Pumped For The Finale

It is the penultimate week for “Tale of the 9-Tailed” and. it. is. nerve. wracking!

All the figures are out and about attempting to a person up the other aspect or just basically trying to survive. And while the foxes, snakes, and humans are battling it out making an attempt to set an conclude to this centuries prolonged feud, the all-highly effective Granny Taluipa (Kim Jung Nan) decides it’s time for her to act, which will mean insurmountable losses for both of those sides. This week’s episodes significantly hiked up the intensity, and genuinely, with multiple characters warning us of the “calamity” and “devastation” to come, how are we meant to breathe right until the finale?


Listed here are all the good reasons this week’s episodes make us so pumped up for the finale:

Warning: You know the drill. Key spoilers in advance! 

Granny and Aged Man are a lot more seriously involved in the storylines

Granny Taluipa and Aged Male Hyun Eui Ong (Ahn Gil Kang) have mainly been on the peripheral of the action, only dishing out (cryptic) bits of information and facts every now and then. This 7 days, having said that, they are brought into the centre fold and it seems they are likely to have a bigger affect on the overall storyline, which is all quite fascinating! (Exciting fact: The scene the place Granny talks to Yeon in the backyard is her first “outside” scene!)

In a prior episode, we saw Outdated Person venting about wanting to get a divorce from his wife. But in that scene, it felt like it was just that — venting and almost nothing much more. But this 7 days, when Granny brings Ji Ah’s demise day forward so she can end The Imoogi, Old Man’s disappointment is palpable. He accuses her of once more picking her career over the men and women she cares about (she’s the purpose powering her son’s and daughter-in-law’s deaths), and realizes that even dropping her son isn’t plenty of for her to adjust. And so Previous Person walks out on her, telling her that just pondering about getting to reside with her eternally is the most significant punishment of all.

Nonetheless, in a way, Granny’s place-of-check out is easy to understand as well. She’s the boss, the 1-in-cost, and hence in a natural way has to make huge-photo decisions no matter how distressing they may well be. She chooses to sacrifice Ji Ah in purchase to preserve all people else simply because in her eyes, all these life bear the identical fat. It is a terrible cross for her to bear and it’s heartbreaking that no one all around her understands the fat of her career.

What is additional fascinating about this storyline is that one of Yeon and Terry’s plans involves using down the Gatekeeper of the Sando River. While we later master that this is an additional just one of Yeon’s faux-out traps, it still gives us pause to ponder if anything at all will take place to Outdated Guy, especially now that this plan is fermenting in Terry’s brain. And viewing that Outdated Man is out and about in the globe, actively aiding Ji Ah and going in opposition to Granny, factors just appear a very little foreboding to him. Here’s to hoping he and Granny will at least be equipped to reconcile and possibly even heal from the pain of getting rid of their son.

All the loving moments among Ji Ah and Yeon

Yeon (Lee Dong Wook) and Ji Ah (Jo Bo Ah) have been showering us with so several sweet times due to the fact day 1, but this 7 days, they seriously took matters to the next degree. And I do signify that literally because this 7 days, they finally do the horizontal tango!

When Ji Ah tells Yeon she’s concerned to go property due to the fact The Imoogi might rear its unpleasant head and harm her mother and father, Yeon decides to just take her on a modest journey. Both of those of them desperately want a taste of normalcy, so they faux to be an common married few, finish with backstories. (She’s the breadwinner who doesn’t come house till just after midnight, he’s the trophy partner who’s also a recovering alcoholic). It is form of silly, and even Ji Ah hilariously suggests it feels stupid at very first, but it’s enjoyable observing them bickering one second and laughing the future, even if there is a tinge of sadness to it all. The enjoy acting takes a turn to a little something much more sincere, which leads us to the horizontal tango scene pointed out before. The scene is done tastefully and superbly, but it’s still oh so so steamy! (Did you see that raised vein on Lee Dong Wook’s neck? Yowza!)

The subsequent working day, though having a very last stroll down the beach before heading back again to Seoul, Ji Ah admits that she feels tiny and powerless, and that the body weight of this supposed “fate” of theirs is much too substantially to bear. Yet again, I really recognize how the writers have been so reliable with Ji Ah’s characterization. When she’s both of those tough and resilient, she’s also incredibly self-informed and sincere about her fragility. There is no overblown feeling of self-confidence or gung-ho-ness right here and that actually is a heroine we can all get powering.

And speaking of all the sweetness, how about that ending tag scene that displays Yeon and Ji Ah heading on a mini date? He picks her up from do the job because it’s raining, then the two struggle above one particular serving of cup noodles. They’re the two so fortunately in enjoy, which raises the issue: Why are we seeing this scene now? Is it as ominous as it appears or are we reading through also a great deal into it? Do all these content, loving moments only spell tragedy for this pair in the finale?

Terry strikes back

Yeon normally takes a site from the Butler’s (Uhm Hyo Sup) reserve and decides to pit the two halves of The Imoogi in opposition to every other. So when Terry (Lee Tae Ri) gets to be aggravated with The Imoogi (and the Butler), and also realizes that Ji Ah will by no means reciprocate his thoughts, he decides to just do what he is ideal at — generating chaos. He utilizes the Butler to spread a condition that begins off with itchy rashes, then progresses to throwing up a snake egg, and eventually finishes in dying. This disease spreads all over the law enforcement station (the Butler turned himself in as the mummy-assassin) and the broadcasting station, and it eventually will get to two of our own — Workforce leader Choi (Joo Suk Tae) and Sae Rom (Jung Yi Web optimization).

Speaking of staff chief Choi, when Previous Gentleman walks in on the Snail Bride (Kim Soo Jin) getting treatment of team leader Choi following he falls ill, Previous Male right away acknowledges him as the Snail Bride’s partner! Indeed, the uncomfortable and a little bit cringe-y ahjussi who’s often locating excuses to dine at the Snail Bride’s was her husband in his past lifetime! The pretty spouse she’s been lacking and pining for all these a long time! This piece of details abruptly arrived out of still left subject, but I’m thoroughly in this article for it. Yay for them obtaining just about every other once more!

Back to Horrible Terry. Just after he unleashes the egg-spitting ailment, Terry is apparently nevertheless unhappy, due to the fact he goes on an additional killing spree. He even pays Ji Ah’s mothers and fathers a take a look at and hypnotizes them into hanging by themselves. (Luckily for us Yeon receives there in time to reduce the nooses). He’s turning into additional and extra volatile. It also seems that he’s not information publishing to being The Imoogi’s lesser 50 percent, which can make him even more perilous, and has us all the extra excited to see what else is up his sleeve.

So many programs and counter plans

This week, Yeon assembles a Hunt Imoogi Team (hereafter “HIT”), consisting of a few foxes and a few individuals, which includes Rang (Kim Bum) but sans Yoo Ri (Kim Yong Ji), who traded herself above to Terry so he would save Rang. Their to start with approach is to use the Sin Slayer, a highly effective artifact that can slay the unslayable, ie. the soul. And so Hit locks Ji Ah and Yeon in a space jointly, in which Ji Ah will phone forth The Imoogi and Yeon will slay it.

Apart from this is another a single of Yeon’s famed fake-outs. So although it seems that the Jimoogi (the Imoogi-possessed-Ji Ah. Get it? Heh!) has gotten the higher hand on Yeon by grabbing the Sin Slayer and attacking to start with, absolutely nothing truly happens because the “Sin Slayer” is simply a counterfeit product brought from the flea market place. The intention of this incredibly elaborate system is alternatively to discover out how The Imoogi jumps from system to body, and as discovered by the Jimoogi, it is by means of ingesting a piece of it’s scale.

And definitely, there is so a lot of options and counter plans taking place in this episode, it is tricky to predict how issues are going to go down upcoming 7 days. With so numerous men and women possessing their possess agendas, and remaining good people (and foxes and snakes) at that, it’s like an rigorous recreation of chess where there’s a checkmate occurring every single shift. Circumstance in place: Yeon and Rang. Yeon’s mission is to help you save Ji Ah even though also stopping The Imoogi at the time and for all. And though Rang is on Strike, his mission is to get Yoo Ri back and to make absolutely sure Yeon lives.

Which suggests the mission ambitions for Yeon and Rang are however contradicting, due to the fact if Rang were to get his way, Jimoogi (and therefore Ji Ah) would have to die. Rang understands that Yeon would never forgive him for killing Ji Ah, but in the close Yeon’s lifestyle issues more to him. And perhaps in hopes to reduce his guilt, Rang springs the Butler from jail and has him do the dirty get the job done of offing Ji Ah alternatively.

Who else guffawed at how childish Lee Rang is!

Yeon and Terry much too have their have dealings. In order to have Terry cease obsessing over him and Ji Ah, Yeon proposes a deal. He features Terry the posture of Gatekeeper of Samdo River, a deity-like position that surpasses even that of a mountain spirit. This will make it possible for him to be revered and regarded, issues that Terry has normally craved. Terry is by natural means suspicious of this proposition, but Yeon tells him that this is the only way for them all to make it out alive. Otherwise, with Granny’s interference, they would all finish up in the Underworld. And consequently, Terry agrees to Yeon’s strategy.

But then we hear their respective voiceovers. Yeon’s voiceover reveals that this is another just one of his traps (he programs on swallowing the scale thus binding with The Imoogi, then jumping into the Sando River), although Terry’s voiceover acknowledges that it is a entice, but he programs on turning it against Yeon as an alternative. It’s likely to be an explosive matchup following 7 days, and with so quite a few diverse gamers on the board, all the things could just very easily blow up in their faces. Let us just hope the experience that receives blown up isn’t just one of the excellent-hunting excellent types.

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