Letters to the Editor – ‘Octopus Instructor,’ stimulus bundle, regional wildlife, listening to politicians and a lot more

‘More issues in heaven and earth’

Re: “My frenemy the cephalopod — Seeing ‘My Octopus Teacher’ upends a relatives tale of ocean treachery,” by Tracy Dahlby, Saturday Impression.

Dahlby’s report on the documentary My Octopus Teacher was excellent and so necessary to remind us that we share our planet with a lot more than politicians and community servants, significant as they are to us.

Would that we genius people could get our knowledge of the earth on the scale of “She,” the wonderful octopus that grew to become a trustworthy close friend to Craig Foster, who created the documentary. Wow!

We individuals have so much additional to learn than is on our everyday program of existence. Cannot we give just a little extra time to nature, our planet Earth and the intellects out there far greater than our individual? I have the sensation we are lacking out on the authentic joys of existence.

Eulaine Corridor, Northwest Dallas

Better than a lump of coal

The $900 billion stimulus gives $600 to an regular American citizen, who pays for the complete invoice of: $40 million for the Kennedy Centre $154 million for the Countrywide Gallery of Art $1 billion for the Smithsonian Institution $14 million for the Woodrow Wilson Heart $167 million for the the Nationwide Basis of Arts and Humanities $700 million for Sudan (certainly, Sudan) $1.3 billion for the Asia Reassurance Initiative Act $135 million for Burma $135 million for Nepal $33 million for Venezuela $453 for Ukraine.

And again — $600 to American citizens, which will barely protect a month of groceries for an regular household.

It is a comprehensive shame when we cannot improved assistance our possess U.S. citizens who could be jobless the homeless the senior citizens the food items banking institutions and garments banking companies. What the hell is completely wrong with our leaders and people of us who elected them? So ashamed.

Judy Webster, Plano

A celeb visits North Texas

On Nov. 22, a night eyesight camera captured a mountain lion in Rowlett. This was the to start with at any time confirmed sighting of a mountain lion by Texas Parks Wildlife in Dallas County. I was astonished and energized about the information and waited for the next sighting.

On Dec. 7, a trail digital camera captured shots in Collin County, about 20 miles north of the earlier sighting. The cat experienced become a celeb, and I could not wait for the following sighting.

Then unfortunate news: Previous 7 days the mountain lion was killed in a distant place of Hunt County. For a couple of weeks, the big cat brought joy and hope in this kind of a dismal year. I am a indigenous Texan and so is a mountain lion. Be sure to really don’t shoot us.

Stan Pully, North Dallas

What the citizens wants

Re: “Wanted: investigative journalists” by Yvonne Scroggin, Monday Letters.

I experienced to chuckle when I examine the letter inquiring “Where are the Bob Woodwards and Carl Bernsteins of currently?” Effectively, the real Woodward and Bernstein are alive and very well and seen usually on cable Television, wherever they have voiced their viewpoints on the dishonesty of President Donald Trump. Woodward has termed him the “wrong gentleman for the position,” and Bernstein explained him as a “mad king.”

In case you’re hunting for a legal belief on the election, Lawyer General William Barr, in a uncommon rebuke of Trump, has mentioned that there is no widespread election fraud and additional there is no motive for a specific counsel to look into Hunter Biden.

The greatest authorized authority, of study course, is the United States Supreme Court. In four yrs as president, Trump appointed 3 justices he refers to them as his judges. I can only visualize his shock when none of them voted to get on his cases hard the consequence of the election.

We could possibly need far more investigative reporters, but probably even extra we will need Us citizens with the knowledge to know when they are staying lied to and the energy to reject people lies.

Zelda Goldwyn, McKinney

The who-cares division

On Monday, The Dallas Morning News devoted about 1-third of Website page 5A to permit us know president-elect Joe Biden is getting the vaccine even though President Donald Trump waits. On Website page 7A, we examine that Dr. Deborah Birx traveled and experienced a household accumulating more than Thanksgiving.

Right after Property Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s hair appointment, California Gov. Gavin Newsom’s birthday celebration attendance and Austin Mayor Steve Adler’s vacation to Mexico, does your employees really assume any of this is newsworthy?

Who cares what any lying politician claims or does? I’ll wait around in line for my vaccination, get it when it is offered, and I’ll go where by I want when I want, irrespective of some political hack’s preaching or actions.

John Stare, Irving

Unmasked zingers

Seventy-three % of U.S. citizens are wearing masks. The other 27% have to imagine that carrying a mask is akin to walking about with their hands tied powering their backs or being forced to hop a mile on just one leg.

It need to be awful to be questioned to do one thing that you just never want to do. It is these types of an inconvenience! I come to feel short of breath, specially right after having a food and then heading for a wander. The mask steams up my eyeglasses. The mask knocks off my lipstick and make-up foundation. I get compliments on my mask and earrings as an alternative of my outfit. OMG, it’s just dreadful!

I would like for the 27% to remember what it was like when they informed their young ones to do points that they did not want to do. It is definitely exhausting to behave like a experienced grownup. Do they know another person who has COVID-19 and is even now struggling with exhaustion following a month? Do they realize that COVID can bring about lung and coronary heart troubles for lifestyle?

I do not want to find out this lesson the difficult way with regret. Lifestyle is brief sufficient. Wear the damn mask.

Anne Davidoff, Plano

Leaves by the acre

Re: “Rake, really don’t blow — Leaf blowers competently ruin crucial patches of character along with our calm,” by Peter Bahouth, Dec. 18 Viewpoint.

Bahouth is welcome to rake the leaves on my two acres any time he would like. Or we can leave the leaves on the ground, and he can arrive out in the springtime and hunt copperheads that will be hiding in the leaves. Then we’ll see how he feels about leaf blowers.

Ron Ward, Flower Mound

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